Wai’alae Baptist Running Club

Welcome to the Wai’alae Baptist Running Club. We are a group of people who share a love of running, fitness, and health. We welcome others to join us in person or by visiting this page to see workouts and other ideas. We usually run together Wednesdays and you are welcome to join us for all or part of the run.

If you are considering exercising for the first time or after a long break, we advise you to get checked by your doctor to find out the best way to begin and to make sure you don’t have any underlying conditions.

A sample 5K workout for beginners with some level of fitness is available below (named – Phase 1 5k Training). It starts at 20 miles per week and builds to 31 over two months, adding different types of workouts.

Phase 1 5K Training

If it is too much for you, start with fewer miles and build up. If you can try to do each type of running on the days assigned even if you are doing less.

If the workouts are too easy for you, you can start at a higher mileage. Use the percentages to see how much you need to do of each type of running.

One way to figure out how fast you should train is to use your maximum heart rate. There are online heart rate calculators to help you. If you do, use the ones that account for your resting heart rate.

One stretch that we encourage everyone to do is called the couch stretch. Do this before you run and even on days that you don’t run. Your body will thank you.