A Little Bit of Greek

A Little Bit of Greek

Fall 2021 – 7-8:30 p.m. (except Oct. 4, Nov. 1 – 7:30-9 p.m.)
In person at Wai ‘alae Baptist Church
Online via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 828 6327 1187
Passcode: 494627

Something is ALWAYS lost in translation. That’s why the study of original biblical languages has always been an important part of Christian studies. If God chose to use Greek as the language of the New Testament, it only makes sense that people of the Word would want to learn that language as much as possible. This course will look at a few New Testament passages along with some words and grammatical rules that give us.

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Note regarding fonts. If you download the MS Word documents, you may need to download the SPIonic font to view the file correctly. Here’s a link to learn more information about this public domain Greek font: https://www.tertullian.org/support/SPIonic.htm  To download the font, please run a search in your browser to obtain instructions for your operating system.

Sept. 20 7 p.m. Introduction to New Testament Greek

• The Nature of Languages and Translations
• Why NT Greek Is Important
• How Greek and English Are Different

Session 1 Handout – MS Word format
Session 1 Handout – PDF format


Sept. 27 7 p.m. How the Imperfect Reveals the Perfect – John 1:1-18

• The Importance of Verb Tenses

Session 2 handout – MS Word format
Session 2 handout – PDF format

Oct. 4

7:30 p.m. Love in the New Testament – John 21:15-19

• Importance of Context
• NT Words for Love
• How The Words Are Used in John 21:15-19

Session 3 Handout (MS Word format)

Session 3 Handout (PDF format)

Oct. 11

7:00 p.m. The Grammatical Case for the Deity of Christ

• Granville Sharpe
• I AM

Session 4 Handout (MS Word format)
Session 4 Handout (PDF format)

Oct. 18 7 p.m. What Is The Great Commission Telling Us to Do? – Matthew 28:18-20

• How Greek Used Participles
• The Importance of Sentence Structure

Session 5 Handout (MS Word format)
Session 5 Handout (PDF format)


Oct. 25 7 p.m. When Pronouns Matter and Conditional Sentences

• The Greek Pronoun System
• What or Who Refers to What or Whom – Identifying the Antecedent
• Conditional sentences

Session 6 Handout (MS Word format)
Session 6 Handout (PDF format)

Nov. 1 7:30 p.m. The NIV, ESV, and Greek NT

• Comparison of two of the most popular English translations with the Greek text

Session 7 Handout (MS Word format)

Session 7 Handout (PDF format)

Nov. 8 7 p.m. Using Greek without Knowing Greek

Session 8 Handout (MS Word)

Session 8 Handout PDF