Discipleship Course Phase 2: New Testament

Discipleship Course Phase 2: New Testament

Spring 2024 – Fall 2024
In-person at Wai ‘alae Baptist Church

Online via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 883 7337 7436  Passcode: 355168


What is this study about?

Whether you’re simply a new believer, a Sunday School goer, or you’re a teacher, we would like to invite everyone to join us for our new Monday night study. In this study, we will be going back to the basics of Christianity in order to prepare every Christian to faithfully communicate the gospel with others. We will be going through the key principles and practices that help us keep our teaching, from preparation to delivery, centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every week will involve step-by-step, hands-on training and group workshops. Everyone is invited, but all Sunday School and other Bible study teachers are strongly encouraged to attend. If you are still interested in joining us for our Monday night study, please contact me at pastorjohn@waialaebaptist.com and we can add you to the list.


An overview of effective gospel proclamation surveying the entire New Testament, emphasizing the context of each and framing each within Scripture’s metanarrative book by book. Attention is given to the role of discipleship in the local church, emphasizing the practical applications of studying, teaching from Scripture, and developing a teachable heart.


Concluding this course, the student should have the ability to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of literary content, historical context, and theological purpose of each book of the New Testament
  2. Read the New Testament within the framework of the unfolding drama of God’s plan ofsalvation
  3. Understand the function and role of teaching Scripture in the local church
  4. Mature in discussing the theme and major emphases of each New Testament book
  5. Mature in faithful interpretation and exegetical preparation of Scripture
  6. Participate in their love for the local church through discipleship

Textbook and Other Resources:

Caron, D.A., Douglas J. Moo, Andrew David Naselli. Introducing The New Testament: A Short Guide to its History and Message. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan, 2010. ISBN: 978-0-310-29149-7

If you would like a copy of the above resources, we may have a limited number of them left. Please contact pastorjohn@waialaebaptist.com if you’re interested.

Course Syllabus

Session 1 March 4, 2024

Session 1 Handout

Session 2 March 12, 2024

Session 2 Handout

Session 3 March 25, 2024

Session 3 Handout

Session 4 April 1, 2024

Session 4 Handout

Session 5 April 15, 2024

Session 5 Handout\