2023 Understanding Woke Culture Livestream Replay Videos


This conference was held on April 21-22, 2023 at Waialae Baptist Church.


The Great Awokening

Foundation for Unity

Hawaii Walking In Unity

Teaching Kids How to Respond When Culture Attacks Their Faith


Replay Videos:

Conference Speakers:

Event Speakers: 

Monique Duson is the President at the Center for Biblical Unity. She has a background in social service and children’s ministry. She has worked with a diverse array of under-served communities. She worked as a Missionary to South Africa for over four years, serving children and teachers impacted by drugs, violence, and trauma. She spent two decades advocating for Critical Race Theory (CRT), but through a series of events, began to clearly see the contradictions of CRT with the historic Christian worldview. Monique is now convinced that CRT is not the best way to achieve racial unity and actively speaks out against the use of CRT within the church.



Krista Bontrager is a fourth-generation Bible teacher. She is an author, podcaster, former university professor and homeschool mom. Krista’s teaching reverberates with Christians from all walks of life. She has a unique ability to communicate the truth of Scripture in an accessible and practical way. She has dedicated her life to helping others discover how to love God in Spirit and truth.



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