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SESSION 1 – Rationale and Old Testament Background

Why Study the Trinity – Matt Sanders

The Trinity has been revered, but otherwise neglected throughout most of church history. Why is it crucial that Christians understand the revelation that God is Trinity.

Why Study the Trinity Handout

Why Study the Trinity Slides

Why We Should Study the Trinity by Matt Sanders


Old Testament Background – Malcolm Yarnell

Is God revealed as Trinity in the Old Testament? If not, do we see traces or hints of the Trinity there?

An Introduction to the Trinity Handout

The Old Testament and the Trinity Slides


SESSION 2 – The Trinity and the New Testament

Christian Worship of the Trinity in Baptism and Benediction – Malcolm Yarnell

How do Christian practices in the Bible reflect worship of the Trinity?

The Trinity in Baptism and Benediction Slides


The Trinity in the Gospel of John – Malcolm Yarnell

While the doctrine of the Trinity is proclaimed throughout Scripture, the most concentrated proclamation is found in the fourth gospel.

The Trinity in the Gospel of John Slides


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SESSION 3 – The Way the Church Thought and Talked about the Trinity

The Trinity in the Major Creeds – Malcolm Yarnell

The creeds are intended to be precise expressions of what the church believed the Bible taught. How do they help us understand the Trinity?

The Trinity in the Ancient Creeds Slides

Trinitarian Language in Creeds Handout


Heresy and Orthodoxy – Matt Sanders

The difference between truth and false beliefs about the Trinity can be difficult to navigate. How can we have a clear distinction between the two?

Who is God Handout

Who is God Slides


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SESSION 4 – The Trinity Is Everything

Everything We Think Should Be Grounded in the Trinity – Malcolm Yarnell

Since the Trinity is the revelation of who God is, our understanding of everything else must be grounded in thinking of God as Trinity and not an isolated, individual being.

Think with the Trinity Slides


Everything We Do Is in the Spirit of the Trinity – Matt Sanders

What is the “spirit of the Trinity”? What does it mean to live as a Trinitarian?

Spirit of the Trinity Slides


Unedited livestream replay for session 4:


SESSION 5 – Practical Implications of the Doctrine of the Trinity

Gender and Marriage and other Practical Implications – Karen Yarnell

What is the biblical connection between the Trinity and gender or marriage roles? How else can we apply the doctrine of the Trinity to other areas of our lives?

Practical Implications of the Doctrine of the Trinity

Practical Implications of the Doctrine of the Trinity Slides


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LUNCH Q&A with speakers


SESSION 6 – Worship and Concluding Remarks

True Worship of the Trinity – Malcolm Yarnell

As we gain in understanding of the Trinity, how does that affect our worship?

Worship the Trinity Slides


Where Do We Go from Here – Matt Sanders

Now that we know the importance of the doctrine of the Trinity, what’s next? How can we continue to develop further understanding and think and live more in a Trinitarian way?


Unedited livestream replay for session 6: